NOW OPEN: CALL FOR APPLICATION  for 2 PhD Positions at Università degli Studi di Genova 

The NEW JD ICE DOCTORATE is established in pursuance of the existing partnership between QMUL and UNIGE within the EMJD ICE


The Joint Doctoral Course in Interactive and Cognitive Environment (JD ICE) organized by the two Universities Partners in the Project: the University of Genova and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) opens a call for application for two PhD Position at Università degli Studi di Genova.

Applications are invited for 2 PhD open position (3 years ), starting at November 1st 2017 at the Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture (DITEN), University of Genova – Genova (ITALY).
Research Themes:
The main research themes of the project are: multimedia signal processing, data fusion, computer vision, cognitive dynamic system and machine learning.
In particular candidates shall use as reference for the presentation of qualifications/publications and the interview of one the following projects:
1) Machine learning techniques for cognitive dynamic systems: application of the Bayesian approach to radio and video domains;
2) Design and development of systems, applications and services aimed at supporting Intelligent Transportation Systems;
3) Intelligent electronic systems: analysis and design of hardware-oriented machine-learning models for digital embedded systems;
4) Distributed multimedia context awareness based on collaborative mobile devices.
Deadline for applying:
June 13th, 2017 - at 12.00 (noon) Italian Time.
How to apply?
Applicants should present an application for the official admission competition at Genoa University on line application (here).
The application shall contain:
a) curriculum vitae et studiorum correctly dated and signed. The CV shall include all the significant information relative to the research themes of the doctoral course to which the candidate is applying. This information should highlight: title of the dissertation of the specialist degree and a synthetic description of it, the list of exams carried out and the relative marks, previous research carried out and/or work experience, any other qualifications obtained, certifications, publications, patent, etc.
b) the degree diploma certificate (three and five-year degree course). Candidate who have not obtained their degrees in Italy or the UK shall present the documentation of the qualification translated into English and a declaration of worth.
c) a presentation of the Institute that awarded the qualification, containing a description of the selection methods, international and national ranking, typologies of the qualifications awarded, teaching languages, internet site (etc.) (max. 15 lines);
d) if the candidate is not mother tongue English s/he shall present a certificate attesting his/her knowledge of English (e.g. IELTS min: 6.5; TOEFL min: 220 CBT, 550 PBT, 80 iBT obtained in the last three year starting
from the date of application)
e) a signed motivational letter containing a chosen research project and the reasons for the choice (max. 500 words)
Candidates will have to take an oral examination (interview) with a inter/university commission on July 5th 2017 at 9.30 AM to obtain the PhD position.  The interview will consist in the illustration of the candidate’s research activities in his/her field of interest, also taking into consideration previous research works mentioned in the candidate’s CV. During the interview, the examining commission will assess the candidate’s competences in relation to the research themes.
During the interview the candidate’s knowledge of English will be tested. In order to be admitted to the interview, the candidate must exhibit the same identity document attached to the application, s/he may also show another valid identity document where s/he can be clearly identified.
PhD economic conditions
The annual gross amount of the grant, including social security expenses to be paid by the recipient, is about 16.500,00 €.
Furher informations:
It envisages a joint model of coordination of the doctorate, of supervision and mobility of the candidates.
Each winning candidate will be assigned two supervisors, one for each university partner. Candidates who participate in the public notice announced by the University of Genova (UNIGE) and who win, and who therefore will have as Primary Institution the University of Genova, will be assigned as Primary Supervisor a professor from UNIGE and as Secondary Supervisor a professor from QMUL.
The PhD candidates will have the opportunity to spend a period at Queen Mary University of London.
 At the end of the doctorate, those who will have passed the final exam successfully will receive a joint qualification from both the Partner Universities.
The application should be submitted here