Studies, courses and credits

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Studies, courses and credits

  • This page is devoted to the process of study planning.

ECTS Structure

  • During doctoral studies ICE students are required to collect 180 ECTS by completion of the following:
    • 100 ECTS - Thesis defence
    • 30 ECTS - ICESS participation, 10 ECTS for each ICE Summer School (3 times obligatory)
    • 15+ ECTS - ICE Courses
    • 10 ECTS - Soft-skill courses
    • 10 ECTS - ICESS thesis presentation @3rd year
    • 5 ECTS - For each Doctoral Seminar @NES, UNIKLU or similar
    • 5 ECTS - For each 'Best paper award", or other international recognition
    • Up to 10 ECTS - 5 ECTS for each paper published(accounts up to 2 papers overall)

ICE Course selection - 15+ ECTS

  • Primary Institution:
    • You can (and should) choose a number of courses from ICE didactic offer to gain at least 10 ECTS, while you are at first institution.
  • Secondary Institution
    • You can (and should) choose a course from ICE didactic offer to gain at least 5 ECTS, while you are at first institution.
  • Together the selected courses should give you at least 15 ECTS (20 recommended):
    • 10(primary) + 10(secondary)
    • 15(primary) + 5(secondary)
    • 10(primary) + 5(secondary)

ECTS Assignation

  • ICE courses are usually worth 5 ECTS each.

  • Master level courses, not from ICE didactic offer: according to ICE didactic offer 2012:
 According to the agreements<....> The specific PhD Courses account for 8 ECTS; the MSc Courses or the soft skills assign 5 ECTS. 

Which literally means that all masters level courses should be assigned with 5 ECTS within ICE consortium, whether they are evaluated differently at particular university or not.

  • To be accepted as of 5 ECTS, each such master level course should be approved by both supervisors beforehand.
  • Since 11.2012, maximum amount of ECTS, one can get for any Language course at one university, no matter how many courses and how many ECTS were initially given is 5.
 Meaning: If you took 2 language courses during first year, worth 6 and 7 ECTS accordingly, the resulting sum to be accounted in your didactic report is 5.